Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Underfloor Heating

For low cost high comfort heating you might have to revise your expectations of what’s hot and what’s not! Just because we’re used to the idea of radiators in every room it doesn’t mean that’s the only way to heat a house…

Underfloor heating is fast gaining in popularity, but it’s not a wholly new concept; the Romans got there first!

But why bother? After all, if you’re going to be tearing your floors up on our say-so, it’s got to be for a good reason! Well, for a start you don’t have to pull your floors up. While underfloor heating is a great option for new developments and ‘refurb’ jobs, it’s just as viable for new homes and flats. Choose an ultra thin carbon film system and you’re talking in terms of 20 millimetres in raised floor height – and that’s after tiling and finishing!

That’s not all. Don’t forget – underfloor heating is completely undetectable. You won’t just enjoy the heat, you’ll enjoy the extra room it brings. Imagine pulling out all your radiators, fireplaces and fan heaters and think about how much space you could save.

Underfloor heating is efficient too. It works on the basis of radiant heat, not convection. That just means that instead of expending excess energy on heating a whole room in the hope of peripherally heating the people in it, underfloor heating utilises much less energy and gets straight to the point. Radiant heat warms people first and so uses much less energy in achieving the same results.

Of course it’s great for modern surfaces. Sleek floorboards and cool stone may look great, but they don’t half have a chill in the winter! (And in the summer, come to that!) Not when you’ve got underfloor heating though.

No matter what the conditions outside, it’ll always feel like summer underfoot when you’ve got underfloor heating!