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Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters feature compact design and clean lines. Manufactured from tough steel, but finished in soft cream colours, tubular heaters offer outstanding durability too. They’re pretty much impervious to everything. Water and moisture don’t faze them, which makes them ideal for use in damp environments like the shed, wash room or scullery (does anyone even still have a scullery?)

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They’re easy to put up, wherever you decide to put them. Tubular heaters are supplied with clip-in mounting brackets and all the required cables. Of course ceiling mounted tubular heaters give great room coverage and are an excellent source of dry heat, particularly good for drying out clothes indoors. But they can also be fitted to walls – and at any height you like. That makes them equally suitable for nurturing plants in your greenhouse or conservatory (or even to keep pets cosy and warm at night.)

Or how about this for an idea? If you’re having trouble with misty windows and condensation, a well placed tubular heater on a low setting will put paid to all that damp and dry out condensation for good!

Tubular heaters aren’t just adaptable in terms of how you utilise them; they’re equally adaptable as heaters. Heat settings can be varied to suit your specific requirements of course. You’ll even find that many tubular heaters are designed to inter-connect – so you can stack a few together for heavy duty applications.

They’re hard wearing, they’re splash proof, they’re neat and discreet and, as we’ve seen, they’re certainly very adaptable. So whether you’re taking the chill off in the house or in your outhouses, tubular heaters give you a couple of hundred watts capacity and about as many heating applications!