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Towel Heaters

Don’t just keep the bathroom warm; keep it tidy with a heated towel rail (or towel heater.) Obviously it’ll keep your towels warm too (and that’s a little luxury we surely all deserve!)

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A towel heater is really all you need; not just to take the chill off, but to heat a whole bathroom. Whether you leave it on all night, programme it to activate at a pre set time or just switch it on before getting into your bath or shower, you’ll enjoy toasty warm towels and a cosy warm bathroom. Oh, and you won’t feel compelled to streak through the house on getting out of the tub either!

Of course you can select your towel heater to fit your precise requirements. Towel heaters come in sizes set to suit all kinds of bathroom. The bigger your heated towel rail, the less likely it is you’ll ever require any other source of bathroom heater. And because a towel heater works independently of your central heating it won’t put a strain on the boiler; it’ll hardly even register on your energy bills.

There may even be significant health benefits to having a towel heater! Unlike some forced air heating systems, heated towel rails reduce the flow of dust and can even dispel dust mites, who crave a warm, wet environment. Switch on the towel rail and you effectively dry out their habitat. Allergy sufferers 1 – Dust Mites 0!

Quite apart from all those benefits, towel heaters make a stylish addition to any bathroom. Unlike some of your heating requirements, you can (and should) choose your towel heater based on how it complements your bathroom décor. Designed to complement your living space, the towel heater really will add warmth and style to your bathroom. (But you might want to invest in some new towels first!).