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Table Top Patio Heaters

There’s no secret to keeping your patio warm – all you have to do is think small! You won’t need an electrician, or a gas man. And, if like the rest of us, you’ve got a compact little patio space, or a few planks of decking, you won’t want a huge heater to see you through your long summer nights. (If you’ve got a patio table, all you’ll ever need is a table top patio heater!)

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And this is where it gets interesting. There are about as many types of tabletop heater as there are tables. For a start it can be free standing or secured to your table (either through the parasol aperture, or fixed securely to the table surface.)

Then there’s the question of design. Tabletop heaters offer an intimate dining experience and are designed to complement any exterior space. Essentially you can take any full size gas or electric patio heater and find your perfect scaled down version. That means you’ll get all the same great features, safety options and heating potential; just in a space saving, heat efficient format.

Your options don’t stop there: tabletop patio heaters are available to suit all sorts of requirements. If you’re looking for efficiency, you’ll find tabletop patio heaters that can give as much as 100 hours heating potential on a single bottle of gas. If you’re looking for distinction, you can find a stunning range of tabletop chimineas that will grace any formal occasion. And if you’re looking for convenience, you’ll get it in spades, whatever options you favour.

Tabletop heaters aren’t just smaller in size; they’re commensurately smaller in price too. So they’re affordable, they’re safe, they’re stylish – and they’ll enliven all your summer evenings around the patio table!