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Panel Heaters

Space saving, stylish and chic; panel heaters fit in just about anywhere. But there’s more to them than that…

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Panel heaters won’t just save you space, they could save you money too. Rather than storing up heat over time, panel heaters simply plug into the mains and give you all the heat you want as and when you need it. They’re quick to respond, so you’ll expend less energy in getting more heat, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of absolute temperature control at the flick of a switch. Oh, and it makes no difference if you opt for a free standing panel heater or a wall fitting model; all you need is an available socket – and that’s it.

Even putting them up and taking them down is easy. Panel heaters are generally supplied with detachable frames – you can put them up almost instantly; take them down to clean them; move them if you want to. That’s why they’re ideal for extending your current heating arrangements to take in conservatories and outhouses – in fact wherever you need a quick source of heat.

Above all, panel heaters are designed with modern living in mind. They’re obviously functional: they provide instant warmth and make an inexpensive alternative to other, more elaborate (and more expensive) heat sources, but they’re designed with a consumer’s eye for style too. After all, it doesn’t matter how well they work if they don’t look good.

Panel heaters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, designed to fit into just about any available space in any home. You’ll find varying heights, depths and designs – all boasting clean lines and subtle features.

Of course, the one constant is this: all the heat you need; controllable, programmable and always available at the flick of a switch.