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Oil Filled Radiators

Okay, so the first thing to say about oil filled radiators is this: contrary to what you may have heard (even contrary to what you might have expected) oil filled radiators don’t actually need filling with oil. All oil filed radiators are supplied ‘oiled up’ and ready to go. So there’s no fuss, no mess; oh, and there’s never any need to re-fill your oil filled radiator either.

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So how do they work? Oil filled radiators simply plug into the mains, just like any other portable heater. But unlike many other portable heaters, they don’t generate any noise. Not only that but when your oil filed radiator gets up to the desired pre-set temperature it stops drawing on the electricity supply, whilst still continuing to churn out waves of warmth. And then when the temperature dips, it simply switches back on again, making it the ultimate labour saving / energy saving heater!

Oil filled radiators are available in sizes to suit every requirement – smaller models are completely portable and can be moved anywhere and everywhere in complete safety. Larger models will generally be supplied on casters, making them equally portable – and ultra convenient. Just as convenient is the rapid warm up time. Whether your model is equipped with slotted fins or a convection enhancing air tunnel design, oil filled radiators are among the fastest heaters on the market.

Oil filled radiators can easily take the place of conventional radiators, (they offer just as much heating potential) but give so much more besides. They’re portable, manageable and adaptable to most domestic situations. They’re even full of super safety extras (ranging from specially rounded edges to safety cut outs).

All in all, they’re in a league of their own.