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Greenhouse Heaters

You can choose your greenhouse heater to match your greenhouse. Paraffin heaters and storm lamps look the part in old style greenhouses and add a touch of genuine rustic charm. Electric heaters will look and feel right at home in any modern greenhouse environment. Of course that’s not to say you can’t buck the trend and mix and match!

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To help clarify your decision, let’s consider your options in more detail. But first you have to determine whether you’re looking for a heat source for you, your plants or both.

Models are designed as regular heaters and / or anti freeze heaters. In either case, greenhouse heaters are built to last; they’re built to withstand the lowest temperatures and the dampest conditions – without impairing their performance or operating at anything less than 100% safety.

Electric greenhouse heaters alone come in many forms: mini oil filled electric radiators, wall and ceiling mounted tubular heaters, fan heaters and more. They all provide instant heat and straightforward temperature regulation and control. Equally they feature full thermostatic control and are approved as suitable for use in any greenhouse.

Electric greenhouse heaters can be run at full or partial power – and will provide anything up to 3 or 4 kw in heat output! That should keep you warm! Oh and just in case we ever have another truly long hot summer, many models can also be used as a cold air ventilation system!

Paraffin powered greenhouse heaters are designed with your convenience in mind. That means there are no cables for you to worry about, and they’re designed to run economically. Small and medium size heaters generally feature 4 or 5 litre capacity, which means they can generate many continuous days worth of heat. (They can even be used to boil your water for any well deserved coffee breaks!)

You can keep your greenhouse warm all year round: your plants will appreciate it – and so will you!