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Gas Patio Heaters

Think of patio heaters and you’ll inevitably think of long, hot summer nights, toasting good friends, good times and good weather! Patio heaters help make more of the summer; but buy the right patio heater and it might just encourage you to venture out on crisp clear winter days and vibrant autumn evenings too.

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So gas or electric? It’s really just a question of personal preference. You can find out more about electric patio heaters here. But for now, let’s turn our attention to the gas patio heater…

Whatever the make and model, gas powered patio heaters don’t just defy the cold; they eliminate it altogether. Sitting under a gas powered patio heater is a little bit like sitting out on a balmy evening in the Mediterranean. Unlike other heaters, gas powered patio heaters don’t just create warmth; they create a glow and an irresistible ambience.

They’re still remarkably easy to use too. No cables, no cords and no shortage of heat. Gas powered patio heaters come in a range of sizes each boasting powerful patio heating outputs of anything up to 10 or 12kw! And just like the best gas cooker, they’re completely adjustable; not to mention economical. You can generally reckon on at least an hour of full-on heat for every kilogram of gas. And if you’re really looking for a viable, economical patio heater, rest assured, you’ll find it! Hyper efficient gas powered patio heaters promise full burn potential well in excess of 20 hours per bottle of gas! That should see you through a few bags of marshmallows!

And let’s not forget aesthetics! Gas patio heaters will grace any garden space. They’re available in a range of sleek and stunning designs in black, silver, steel and copper colours. They’ll add warmth and style in abundance; they’ll bring a warm, healthy glow to any garden.