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Gas Heaters

There was a time when the gas fire was second only to the open fire in homeowners’ affections. Not any more though. These days, gas fires are much more popular than any other kind of home heater or fire. After all, gas is clean, safe and economical. It’s easy to control and ever so easy to fall in love with!

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There’s so much more choice too. Gas fires can be inset or free standing, fitted into your existing fireplace or fitted into your wall; they can be matchless, flueless, contemporary or classic – but they’re always the centre of attention. They’re infinitely variable too: gas fires can resemble open fires, coal fires, wood fires; even, on occasion – gas fires!

Put a gas fire in your living room and people will gravitate towards it; cluster round it (drawn like moths to a flame). Well, it makes a change from the TV! They’re easy to install and manage. These days you don’t even have to have a flue before you have a gas fire. Check out the stunning range of plasma fires for proof! Or if that’s not your thing, specially adapted powerflue fires give you all the benefits of conventional gas fires sans flue; simply attach the powerflue fan to an exterior wall and you’re in business.

Above all, gas is warm and welcoming. Whatever the style, setting or surround, it’s a homely way to heat a house. You’ll enjoy instant, natural heat and lots of cosy nights in. And because performance ranges right up into the kilowatts, gas will never let you down – no matter how cold it gets outside!

One more thing: if you have any questions about gas, you know who you can turn to. There might be a dozen different phone companies vying for your line rental; electricity companies by the armful and a slew of water companies; but there’ll always be a British Gas!