Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Fan Heaters

When you’re cold, you really don’t want to have to wait for hot water to sluice through your central heating system; you don’t want to mess around with fires and firelighters and you don’t want to have to stomp around in layers for the rest of the day. You just want to get warm – and quickly. Fan heaters are instant – you’ll have forgotten you were ever cold within moments.

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That’s why, when it comes to heaters, size really is immaterial. Although they come in all sorts of varieties – and in all kinds of sizes, the core market is small scale fan heaters. They’re portable, moveable and inexpensive. And they’re packed with ‘heater features’ too…

There are certainly plenty of fan heaters to choose from – all with winning features; all at low prices. Check out the heaters hereabouts and click a few links for the full low-down on the cheapest ways to get warm. You’ll find features ranging from variable heat settings through digital thermostat and timer settings, to twin elements and even oscillating heating systems for immediate warmth in all directions. And they don’t just blow hot air! Unlike the majority of heating systems, the fan heater can actually be pressed into service as a fan cooler too!

The fan heater is not just an affordable alternative to other sources of home heat; it is a viable heating tool in its own right. Offering up to 3kw of heat, it can make the most heavy duty heating system seem tame by comparison. It’s ideal for use in home offices and bedrooms, and as a pick-me-up when you come in from the cold.

And that’s why every home should have one. Which just begs the question: at these sorts of prices, why doesn’t every home already have one?