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Electric Storage Heaters

Heating your home efficiently and cheaply is all in a good night’s work. Electric storage heaters are designed to stock up on off peak electricity during the night and then release it, on demand whenever you need it most. It’s the ideal system for energy efficient, cost conscious consumers everywhere. Electric storage heaters are cheaper to run, significantly less wasteful and still give maximum user control.

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Unlike a central heating system, electric storage heaters are sold in individual units – which can be installed wherever they’re needed. That means they’re quick and easy to fit and to power up; ideal for new home owners needing to get their heating affairs in order quickly!

With regard to how they work: all you really need to know is that, as the name implies, storage heaters simply store up all that wonderful warm, off peak heat in special heat retaining bricks within the unit. This heat can then be released slowly over the course of the following day, either through the front panel or by way of convected warm air – and all at no additional expense.

Electric storage heaters are slimline and unobtrusive. Although controls may differ very slightly between models, the principles remain the same. They’re all designed to switch on and charge up overnight. They’re all designed to take advantage of the cheaper electricity tariffs: Economy 7 and Economy 10. (Incidentally these are simply named after the amount of economical electricity provided – seven and ten hours respectively.) This in itself makes them significantly cheaper to run. Savings vary (according to usage) but customers can easily cut their existing bills in half, simply by switching to the off peak tariff.

Shop around among our suppliers and you’ll be able to find the cheapest electric storage heaters, all designed to run at the cheapest tariffs – it’s the win-win way of getting warm.