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Electric Heaters

So, you’re thinking of buying an electric heater? Good choice! With more varieties to choose from, more designs and installation options than any other kind of heater – and more outright heating potential, you know it makes sense!

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It doesn’t matter if you choose a halogen heater, tubular heater or towel heater; electric heaters will warm your room at the flick of a switch. From fan heaters through panel heaters, electric fires will fit in just about anywhere. Many types of wall mounted fan heater and space saving panel heater are even designed with bathroom use in mind. Just check with the manufacturer for guidelines.

With their compact designs and slimline features, electric fires are perfect if you’re stuck for space. Equally they’re more or less essential in larger properties where heating takes priority over saving space. Electric heaters can supplement or even replace your central heating. They can compensate for central heating blind spots, or just give a much needed boost to your home heating arrangements.

You might also want to consider the electric fire as ‘focal point’! With 2 or 3kw heating potential, electric fires aren’t just designed to heat a home; they’re designed with all the modern homeowner’s needs in mind. That means they’re easy to install, easy to manage (switch on and sit back) – and they’re designed to look great in any environment; focal point or not.

Whether it’s a space saver or a focal point; fixed or portable, the contemporary electric heater (in all its permutations) is designed with all your house heating needs in mind. You get instant warmth, stylish good looks and a range of inexpensive solutions for every room in the house – and everyone in it. From tough and durable (ideal for kids) through sleek and stylish, to off peak saver heaters, there really is an electric heater for everyone.