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Conservatory Heaters

We love our conservatories – but, for the most part, we don’t actually use them very much! Too hot in the height of summer, too cold in winter; the conservatory will add to the value of our home, but it won’t add much to the quality of our life if we don’t use it!

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Fortunately there are plenty of ways of keeping your conservatory cosy right through the harshest winter. Bespoke conservatory heaters are compact and discreet; they’re ideal for attaching to conservatory dwarf walls but they won’t make any material difference to the appearance of your conservatory. (All you’ll notice is the heat!)

And when we say they’re easy to attach, we mean it! Conservatory heaters don’t require any plumbing or special installation. Just plug them in and switch on. Slimline conservatory heaters utilise various heating methods ranging from conventional water based systems with internal pumps through to radiant heat generating ceramic elements.

And if just attaching your conservatory heater to the wall still sounds like too much trouble, don’t bother. Free standing units are freely available, designed for use in conservatories (but which can obviously be put to equally efficient use elsewhere).

Of course it’s not just a question of heating your conservatory, but heating it economically. That’s why the conservatory heaters we recommend are affordable and economical. Power settings are fully adjustable. Infra red heaters are especially economical, simply because they’re designed to warm people, rather than simply circulating endless streams of hot air and can cost as little as ten pence an hour!

Conservatory heaters are available in a huge range of styles to suit any size or style of conservatory. So make sure your conservatory is more than a money spinner in waiting; get the most out of it now. Don’t get left out in the cold!