Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Central Heating

When you’re looking to heat your whole house, rather than just moving the heat from room to room, there’s really only one option: central heating.

Central heating gives you absolute control over temperature and distribution and it’s incredibly easy to control. Simply set the overall temperature on the boiler and adjust the heat output of your individual radiators as required.

Question is: what kind of central heating system should you go for? There are wet systems, storage systems and gravity systems; open vented and sealed systems – in fact, so many systems that choosing your central heating can be a bigger undertaking than fitting your central heating!

Our advice is: never mind the minutiae, feel the heat! Look at it this way: if you choose your central heating system based on the specifications of the feed and expansion cistern, you’re liable to get a bang up open vented system – but will it fit your needs?

Let’s keep it simple. These days it all comes down to boilers. Boilers are available in gas and electric and come in a number of different sizes. Essentially the size of the boiler determines the size of heat output.

Combi boilers are increasingly popular. And no wonder; because they run on mains pressure, they don’t require a tank in the loft – so they’re ultra convenient. And because they run off the mains water supply, they require less plumbing – so they’re easy to install.

Above all, efficiency should be top of your list of requirements. New central heating boilers are issued with certificates of efficiency – meaning they’re more economical to run, better for the environment and better for your finances.

We’ve given you a central heating primer. For the real low-down on the best deals and the best boilers, just click a link and find out more…