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Boiler Repair and Servicing

You see adverts on the TV about it.  You see billboards with adverts relating to it.  You even hear radio adverts about it.  But is it really that important to have your boiler repaired (if required) and serviced every 12 months?  You would be amazed at the amount of people that do not get this done on a regular yearly basis, and boy will it come back to haunt them at some point later on.

So, why is it important to have your boiler regularly serviced and repaired?  There are varieties of reasons, but two of the most important are:

  • To spot any problems – If your boiler is in need of repair or poorly functioning then sometimes you may not even realise.  It isn’t always possible to tell, so by allowing a professional to check it over you will be safeguarding yourself and others you may live with from potential life threating issues (carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.).  Problems can come from parts failing, or even an incorrectly fitted boiler.
  • To ensure that the boiler is still economically viable – If you boiler is failing and does require repair then sometimes it can be classed as BER (or Beyond Economical Repair).  When a boiler is classed as this is could be down to parts now being obsolete (which in itself could lead to issues down the line), or it could be that the cost of repairing the boiler is not worth it when compared with the cost of a new boiler.  In some instances, having a new boiler installed could be the best option as not only will it save you money on your energy bills, but it will also be safer which should be a big consideration for anyone.

Of course, you will get people, and you may well be one of them, that think that they’ve had no issues with their boiler so won’t bother paying out to have it checked out as clearly it is fine.  This can be dangerous because although there may have been nothing too obvious or majorly wrong with a boiler, as it gets older it can deteriorate to the extent that it could cost you more to run through increased effort to work, and also can lead to safety implications and undermined reliability, all of which aren’t advisable, even further so with those of you with families.

So a few words of advice…

If you haven’t had your boiler (and of course any other gas appliances if applicable) serviced within the last 12 months then please get one arranged with a local qualified, Gas Safe registered tradesmen.  So for example if you live in London then just search for boiler repair London or boiler servicing London and you will find lots of companies who can help. The cost of this is negligible in comparison to something far worse happening as a result of not having it done.  Make sure you are safe.

For those of you that have had your boiler serviced (and repaired where required) and do so every 12 months then  a big thumbs up go to you, and please ensure you carry this on, ensuring the safety of you and those you live with.

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